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Robyn Porter

Adrian Webber

7th District


I currently serve as councilman for the Seventh district and  chair the public safety committee.

Over the course of my 30 years in Connecticut, I have devoted my professional and civic life to strengthening our district and our state.  Early in my career, I served as a Protective Service Officer for the Department of Children and Families where I worked to ensure that children received the care, safety, and support that they need to thrive. I also worked with the New Haven Board of Education for over 15 years, including executing and evaluating programs to support the academic and social development of children throughout that community. 

In my civic life, I have actively worked to develop deep community relationships through leadership and community engagement. I have worked with young people as a coach, mentor, and advisor, and I have served as the Executive Director of Operation First Night, a nonprofit organization focused on raising awareness about homelessness in our community.  I am deeply committed to addressing issues that foster access and that end inequalities in our community, and this commitment has led me to work closely over the years with a range of community and civic organizations.

I look forward to continued service as a member of the Hamden Legislative Council.