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In keeping with the intent of the Hamden Democratic Town Committee position statement sent to the Legislative Council on May 15, 2020, we are asking that the Legislative Council maintain fiscal responsibility and override the Mayor’s veto. It is our opinion that Hamden’s financial budgetary issues are addressed more responsibly with your budget than the Mayor’s budget. It is also our position that the current dire financial situation of the Town of Hamden must be addressed immediately, and that all means, including making careful and deliberate decisions must be done. The Legislative Council must use expert advice to create solutions for our financial problems without making unintended decisions that will harm Hamden’s fiscal stability.

We have based our opinion based on the following:

  • The Council’s budget is not perfect, but is much better than the Mayor’s.
  • Both the Mayor’s and the Legislative Council budgets deliver the same tax increase in the short-run, but the Mayor’s eliminates the modest cost savings achieved by the Council.
  • The Mayor funds the elimination of the Council’s cost savings by relying on inflated revenue projections, which will result in larger tax increases in the future.

In summary, the Hamden Democratic Town Committee Executive Board, on behalf of the Committee, requests that the Legislative Council override Mayor Leng’s veto of the Council’s proposed budget. We are appreciative of your efforts and volunteer services.