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Robyn Porter

Katie Kiely

Legislative Council At Large


I first came to Hamden 14 years ago as a Quinnipiac University intern at Ridge Hill School. Soon after, this Town and this school district became my permanent home. I became a 4th-grade teacher at Ridge Hill and bought a house through the teacher next door program. Since then, I have become deeply invested in our Hamden community, the Town, and the educational system.

My education and life experiences ignited a passion for the political process and respect for those across the political spectrum. We are strongest when we listen to a variety of opinions and ideas and engage in action-driven discussions. Simply, educators and residents of Hamden belong everywhere decisions are made. I’m running for Legislative Council to be part of the solution to our challenges and to work to make sure all current and future Hamden residents have access and experience the same welcoming Town that I did. My main motivation is to work to find solutions to problems instead of just identifying them.  I will use my experience as an educator in our public schools, a resident, and a former QU student to guide all Hamden residents to find and implement these solutions.