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Laurie Sweet

Laurie Sweet

Legislative Council At Large


I am currently serving my first term as an at-large representative on the Legislative Council, where I chair the Environment and Conservation Committee. I helped write a resolution supporting the remediation of 6 Lakes, which led to a community meeting with DEEP and the start of testing on the site after years of little to no movement on the project. I co-sponsored a resolution to improve document retention for the fire and police departments. After hearing from Hamden renters across town, I was able to work alongside housing experts to amend our current housing ordinance so that it recognizes tenant unions and collective complaints, making it arguably the strongest housing ordinance in the state. Throughout the ARPA process, I have been ensuring community members are heard as we allocate the available money. Finally, I fulfilled my campaign promise to pass a town charter revision that voters then approved.

I am proud of what we have accomplished in a short time. I have enjoyed collaborating with colleagues, commissioners, and constituents. With your support, I can continue this important work, leading the town in a better direction for all residents.